March 30, 2014

Syrian Army advances in the coastal province of Latakia

Syrian Army advances in the coastal province of Latakia -


Syrian daily Al-Watan reported that the Syrian army has wrested control of the strategic “Tower 45” base on Turkmen Mountain, adjacent to the town of Kesab along Syria’s northern border with Turkey, from the rebels who captured it a few days earlier. Al-Watan added that Syrian forces had killed more than 200 “terrorists,” bringing the total number killed since fighting erupted Friday to 700, and that the Syrian army had fortified its positions along the Turkish border. 

 Pro-opposition Sham News Network reported Sunday that government helicopters were dropping barrel bombs on the Tower 45 military base along Syria’s northern border with Turkey, which rebels claimed to capture last week during the early stages of a military campaign in Syria’s northwestern Latakia province. The clashes follow a warning by Russia’s Foreign Ministry that the fighting along Syria’s Mediterranean coast threatens to undermine international efforts to destroy Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons, which must be transported out of the country via the Latakia port. The Syrian National Coalition dismissed Moscow’s assessment, with Hisham Marwastating that “the Russians ignore that the Assad regime has missed the deadline for the handover of its chemical weapons cache even though there were no military operations near the Syrian coast.”

Al Watan also reported that one of the leaders of Al Nusra Front was killed during fighting in the border town of Kasab in Latakia province.

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