April 6, 2014

Canada ACTION ALERT - #SaveKessab

Canada ACTION ALERT - #SaveKessab -



Canada ACTION ALERT ** #SaveKessab ** ACTION ALERT ** Click here to send PM Harper an email to act on Kessab:http://www.ayfcanada.org/action-alerts/save-kessab/ 

Urge Prime Minister Harper to Stop Turkey’s Support for the Destruction of Kessab, Syria. Join the Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) and Armenian Youth Federation of Canada (AYF Canada) in voicing your solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Kessab, Syria.

The ANCC and AYF are calling upon all Canadians of good will to contact Prime Minister Harper to demand that Canada immediately call on the Republic of Turkey to halt its role in the ethnic cleansing of Kessab’s peaceful Armenian population.

Please send your email in solidarity with the Armenians of Kessab TODAY and be sure to share th

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