April 10, 2014

The Kids of Kesab. Photos

The Kids of Kesab. Photos -



CivilNet’s Seda Grigoryan and Maria Titizian, in Latakia, spoke to the Armenian families from Kesab, now in Latakia. Some 600 families have arrived from the northwestern Syrian town  since the March 21 attack by Syrian rebels from across the Turkish border.

Most families have found refuge with friends or family in Latakia. Some homes have as many as 25 people sleeping on floors. But their needs are not dissimilar to the needs of the 60 families who are still in the church.

The 121 children from Kesab have play space during the day, but no schooling. The Armenian school of Latakia cannot absorb the refugee children, who are left to play during the day, in the church yard, where they have a play room, television and supervision. 

The 9th and 12th graders, scheduled to take state exit examinations, are provided with tutors, even in these extraordinary circumstances.

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