June 4, 2014

ARF Bureau Condemns Attacks on Aleppo

ARF Bureau Condemns Attacks on Aleppo -


YEREVAN—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau issued an announcement Wednesday condemning the ongoing rocket attacks on the Syrian city of Aleppo and urging international action to end the attacks on the civilian population and the Armenian community in specific.

Below is the translated text of the announcement.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau condemns the continuing attack on Armenian neighborhoods in Aleppo during the past several days. There is already no doubt that the target of opposition forces to the Syrian regime has become Armenian neighborhoods.

There is evidence that the growing attacks on Armenian neighborhoods are being encouraged, especially by Turkey.

We call on all governments, especially Western nations, who are supporting the opposition forces to immediately use their leverage to halt the attacks on Armenian neighborhoods. Those governments which do not work to end the operations will be considered accomplices in the anti-Armenian attacks and all other crimes.

We call on the Syrian authorities to initiate immediate measures to secure the physical safety of unarmed Christian minorities.

We also call on the entire Armenian nation to, through all available means, support all efforts by Hai-Tahd committees and offices in an effort to end the anti-Armenian activities.

ARF Bureau
June 4, 2014

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