June 20, 2014

Armenian Brigade: Riding to Motherland

Armenian Brigade: Riding to Motherland -

Members of the US Armenian Brigade motorcycle club plan to visit Armenia on April 24, 2015, with a special mission of presenting and condemning the Armenian Genocide on the 100th anniversary. Before that the motorcyclists have arrives in Armenia to help the disabled persons.

The initiative aims to hold acts of protest in front of Turkish Embassies in different countries by raising the Armenian flag and condemning the genocide committed at the turn of the century. At the same time they will express gratitude to those countries that have recognized the Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian Brigade has 35 members, but many more are interested to join. Member of the Brigade Harutyun Bagaryan hopes that the number will hit 100 by April 24, 2015.

Albert Aghajanyan said the initiative has been agreed upon with the commission coordinating the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

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