July 4, 2014

Armenian Army Fortifies Positions at Nakhichevan Border

Armenian Army Fortifies Positions at Nakhichevan Border -

YEREVAN–At the beginning of June, the Armenian Armed Forces made advances and claimed strategic positions and hills at the Armenia-Nakhichevan border.

These positions, measuring some 100 square kilometers, which were uncontrolled due to difficulet geographic and climate conditions, were put under the control of the Armenian Army.

This portion of territory is in Armenia proper, but until recently there were no border or army positions.

Azerbaijan’s defense minister General Zakir Hassanov, on June 25, confirmed the new positions of the Armenian Armed Forces during an interview with ANS news agency in Baku.

With this advancement, the city of Nakhichevan is not 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) away from the Armenian border.

Photographs obtained by razm.info clearly show that the newly-manned Armenian positions are fortified and have a direct view of Azerbaijani border positions in Nakhichevan.

This recent attempt by the Armenian Army to fortify its positions came after two separate attacks by Azerbaijani forces from the Nakhichevan border, which resulted in the deaths of three Armenian soldiers.



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