July 11, 2014

NKR releases photos of arrested Azeri saboteur

NKR releases photos of arrested Azeri saboteur -

Military authorities in Stepanakert have published photographs proving the arrest of a member of an Azeri reconnaissance-sabotage group that attempted to infiltrate into Armenian-controlled territory in Nagorno-Karabakh earlier this week. 

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) Defense Ministry said the publication was in response to the denial by Baku of the attack in the direction of Karvachar. 

According to the Ministry’s Information Department, the Defense Army’s frontline units timely spotted the Azeri reconnaissance-sabotage group’s movement and due to efficient measures some of the group members were apprehended, while the others took to flight. The Armenian side suffered no casualties as a result of the operation, the report said. 

Earlier, news about a 14-year-old boy missing in Karvachar was spread, however Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan denied the information.

Official media in Azerbaijan, however, denied that any attempt by Azeri commandos in penetrate into the Armenian territory had been made and that some of the members of the group had been arrested by the Armenian side. On Thursday, the NKR Defense Ministry released the photographs showing the items of the captured servicemen identified as 46-year-old Guliyev Shahbaz Jalaloghlu, a resident of in the village of Ghapanlu of the Mirbashir region, including hand-grenades, a knife, a flag of Azerbaijan, guns and ammunition, etc.

The Azerbaijani side, however, also denied the authenticity of the published photographs. To this, the Karabakh side released the photographs of Guliyev himself. 

“The Azerbaijani propaganda is reluctant to accept the reality, denies any information that reveals its adventurous behavior. Since they also challenged the authenticity of the photographs and tangible evidence shown on them, denying that the items belong to the arrested reconnaissance-sabotage group member, we also present the latest photos of Guliyev himself taken by us,” the NKR Defense Ministry statement said.

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